Houston Commercial Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing in Houston, Texas, we have you covered. Urban Design Constructors provides commercial roofing for multifamily, strip centers, churches, metal buildings, industrial buildings, and more. We are dedicated to installing new roofs, replacing old roofs, and providing after storm roof inspections. Our professional team are experts at identifying storm damage and informing our customers if they qualify for a roof replacement through their property insurance company. When it comes to protecting your business, you can trust Urban Design Constructors for commercial roof repair and replacement.


Houston TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

Short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, TPO is a great choice for Houston Roofing. With a single-ply membrane is offers excellent performance and protection against the elements of weather. TPO roofing is very popular for low-slope / flat roofing in the commercial sector. At UBC, our crews are dedicated to installing TPO roofing that will last for years to come.  

Houston EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing

As an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane, EPDM roofing materials is widely used for low sloping roofs and buildings in and around Houston. This material is derived from oil and natural gas, therefore being a bi-product of the resources for which Houston is famous. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Metal Roofing Contractors Houston

Metal Roofing

With metal buildings becoming more and more popular in Houston, metal roofing is increasing in popularity as well. We are professionals at installing all types of metal roofing, from PBR panels to standing seam, our professional crews have mastered the art of installing Metal Roofing in Houston, Texas

Commercial Roofing Repair Houston

Roofing Repair

Has your roof recently incurred one of Houston's tropical storms? Do you feel like your roof has storm damage? Get a free Houston Roof Inspection with Urban Design Contractors. We are the top commercial roofing repair service company in Houston. Contact our team today for a free inspection and consultation. 

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Urban Design Constructors is the right company to entrust for your commercial roofing, roof replacement, and roof repair services. Our crews are dedicating to installing and repairing commercial roofs the right way the first time. We provide free roof inspections and consultations for all potential and returning clients. Give our team a call today and have peace of mind that you're working with the best commercial roofing company in Houston. 


Urban Design Constructors is a licensed and insured commercial roofing company, serving Houston,Texas. Our team has over 15 years experience providing commercial roof installations, roof repair, roof replacements, and roof inspections. Our team is built around professionalism, attention to detail and relationships. We strive to be Houston's top commercial roofing contractors. We pride ourselves on providing excellent commercial roofing for Houston and surrounding cities. We believe in #HOUSTONSTRONG. 

Contact us today for a FREE Roof Inspection and Consultation. We guarantee professionalism and quality work!

Houston Commercial Roof Replacement

10 Compelling Reasons to Employ Professional Roof Contractors


1. Every City Has A Building Code, including Houston, TX

Have you familiarized yourself with the building code rules for your city? Not many people have. These regulations and laws represent the restrictions governing how building projects get completed. If you aren’t well versed in these rules, and go ahead with a non-professionally monitored and backed project, you might accidentally make costly mistakes. If an inspector comes and identifies these mistakes, citing you for violation of code, you may have to deconstruct and redo the entire project. This would mean incredible costs incurred to rebuild the roof according to city regulations. Urban Design Constructors make it our business to build your roofing according to code. Of all the Houston Commercial Roofing options available to you, few, if any, will have as reliable a record with city compliance.


2. Your Personal Safety Matters

There are inherent risks that come along with roofing projects. It can be quite dangerous for the untrained worker. People trying to save money by doing it themselves, or hiring friends, have fallen off roofs trying to build or repair structures. The height off the ground, and pitch of the roofing, not to mention the nails and dangerous tools, can be quite dangerous. Now you might wonder, “Isn’t it possible to follow safety protocols and get the proper equipment and do it myself?” The answer is yes. However, unless you are trained in roofing repair or installation, then the costs to purchase or rent the proper and safest equipment will being many extra costs. When you search for Commercial Roofing Repair in Houston, you are tapping into the knowledge, equipment and guarantees of our company, without putting you or your family into harm’s way.


3. The Work Quality is Paramount

There is no substitute for experience. Urban Design Constructors brings a team of professionals who can complete the job quickly, cost effectively, and with a guarantee of the highest work quality. Most of the time, when owners undertake roofing projects armed with YouTube videos and household equipment, the quality of the work suffers greatly. Roofing requires much more than just the ability to hammer nails into beams. There are important factors, like ventilation and water shedding that must be considered. The result of poor work is costly repairs, premature replacement, or it just not looking good. That is fine for other household projects, but not something as important as whole dwelling coverings.


4. There are Budgetary Considerations

Most Do-It-Yourselfers are allured to the job by the promise of lower costs. After all, who wants to pay one lump sum when you can do it in pieces and save some money? Well, maybe more people than you think. Quite often, homeowners jump in without proper planning or research. This means that the cost increase and fast. Without access to proper equipment, wholesale products, and expertise to do things quickly, the monetary costs and time costs can easily spiral out of control.  Our company will walk you through all of the costs, right down to the penny, and your one-time expense will lead to better, faster and longer lasting results.


5. Access to the Highest Quality Materials is Important

When you start talking about roofing, it doesn’t take long to learn that the material options are seemingly endless. It can be very difficult to determine what you need, or what is best for your roof, or what will fit in your budget. The assessment of the best materials is much more involved than just picking the lowest priced shingle. Especially with regard to businesses, when you search for Houston Commercial Roof Replacement companies, you are looking for someone who can walk you through all your options, and help you zero in on what is perfect for your home or business. As a business owner, concerns over the covering for the structure is something you don’t want to have to worry about later.   Our trained professionals work with many manufacturers, guaranteeing the results you need.


6. Access to Discounted Roofing Materials is Important

A sad reality for retail purchasing is that you must pay heightened retail prices. Going to a local hardware store and buying materials for a large roofing project will certainly cost you much more than can be bought through a company like Urban Design Constructors. Commercial companies and contractors buy material in bulk, which makes a big difference. We often have multiple projects going at the same time and can buy materials in large amounts, accessing discounted bulk orders. No matter the price quoted to you by the company, it will almost certainly be much less than a retail purchase.


7. You will Save Money

We’ve addressed this already in some above points. Unseen costs won’t pop up when you use our company. You will have access to a wide variety of products, in terms of price, and you will enjoy the discounted bulk prices. But those aren’t even the biggest saving. Easily the most significant savings to you comes after the project is complete. Reducing repair expenses is a massive benefit of having the job done correctly the first time. As we stated, code infractions and poor work can lead to enormous monetary expense. So many DIY roofers fail to insulate properly; or install shingle with the wrong overlap. Before long, there are leaks. And leaks cost money. With our company, you have guarantees and warranties! Also, due to the quality of the work, you can expect the covering to be secure for years and years. While the initial cost may seem high compared to doing it on your own, this cost (which often is not more than a DIY project ends up being) is more than recovered by longevity of the work.


8. Professional Roofers Work Fast

The weather does not always cooperate with roofing projects. The longer the project takes, and the longer the structure beneath is exposed to the elements, the higher the risks of extra costs. The best way to work around the weather in a roofing project, is to get the right team in and get the work done as swiftly as possible. Urban Design Constructors has a system in place, that can take a project from beginning to end in the most streamlined way. This can also save you if you are trying to sell a property. If someone comes and the roof is taking forever to get done, it can cost a sale. And while you may want to get done faster, your other responsibilities can get in the way. Our contractors have one job: get your roof done right. Whether a repair job or replacement or new build, time is money.


9. Nobody Likes Liability and Lawsuits

Especially in commercial settings, faulty structural design can lead to legal trouble. With clients coming in and out and expensive products within the structure, damage can lead to serious problems. If someone was injured by a falling roof, that would be unfortunate and problematic. Also, if water leaks damaged someone else’s property under your care, this also can lead to legal concerns. When a commercial contractor handles the project, any of the above issues would be their liability, not yours.


10. Everybody Loves Warranties

Warranties bring incredible peace of mind. They guarantee satisfaction for a period of time. Once our trained team has completed the job, any issues, repairs or damage, would fall back on us, not you. This warranty can last for years. If there were any mistakes, they would be fixed at no cost to you. On the other hand, doing your own work means you own all of the cost if problems arise. A commercial warranty provided long lasting peace of mind.


Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Employing Professional Commercial Roof Contractors


Doing a project yourself may seem efficient and inexpensive. However, unless you are a seasoned and trained professional, you should spare yourself the headaches that accompany most major DIY projects. Our company can present to you a detailed account of what is being done, the costs, the timelines and the associated guarantee. We will provide valid insurance and prove a history of high-quality work.